Congratulations to the Masters students who worked on PREDICTS this summer, all of whom have done superbly. On the Ecology, Evolution and Conservation MSc, Hannah White (project title: The response of temperate biodiversity to human land use and habitat degradation - do species' traits affect vulnerability) was awarded a Merit and Helen Phillips (project: Responses of biodiversity to land-use change - is the biota of Asia more sensitive than other continents?) a Distinction. On Quantitative Biology, Sean Tuck (project: Modelling the relationship between local diversity and remotely-sensed vegetation indices: the effect of spatio-temporal scale) obtained a Merit. Michelle Harrison (project - The response of phylogenetic diversity to palm oil and cocoa plantations) secured a Distinction on the MSc in Taxonomy and Biodiversity, and Luci Kirkpatrick (project - Using phylogenetically derived measures to assess the impact of wild meat hunting in tropical regions) likewise obtained a Distinction on the MRes in Biosystematics. Well done to all of them! This abstracts are on the outputs page.