Photo of Susan Emerson

The PREDICTS database has topped 500 studies and 2 million records this week. Susan Emerson uploaded the 500th study, from a recent paper on Himalayan Chinese birds; the photo shows her between pressing the "Submit" button and receiving the initial validation errors! Only three hours later, Katia Sanchez Ortiz uploaded a study of Hawaiian parasitoid wasps, which took us above the magic two million mark.

We reached two other significant milestones this week. First, the database now contains measurements of just over 3,000 species of birds - more than 30% of formally described species. Second, over 550 mammals are represented - just over 10% of described mammalian species. The PREDICTS database now contains biodiversity measurements from more than 34,000 species, taken in 88 countries. The outputs page has a map of sampling locations. Massive thanks to everyone who has shared their data with us!