We have just submitted the manuscript that describes the PREDICTS database for open-access publication in Ecology and Evolution The manuscript fully describes how the database was designed, populated and validated. The manuscript presents assessments of the data's taxonomic, geographic and temporal coverage, based on a snapshot of the database taken at the end of March this year, at which time the database contained 1.6 million samples taken in 78 countries and representing over 28,000 species. Alongside the manuscript, we will make available a site-level summary dataset that contains, for each sampling location, the predominant habitat, land-use intensity, type of habitat fragmentation, geographic coordinates, sampling dates, country, biogeographic realm, ecoregion, biome, biodiversity hotspot, taxonomic group studied and the number of measurements taken.

A massive thank-you to everybody who generously contributed their data and to all who provided comments on the draft of the manuscript. Apologies to those who have contributed data to PREDICTS that were not loaded into the database before the end of March. We will focus on processing these data in time to include them in the first public release of the database next year. Everyone who has provided data that we release will be offered authorship on an accompanying paper.